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Tiny Ballet Dancer {Lakeland Childrens Photographer}

31 Jan

My 3 year old daughter started ballet classes. These images were captured the first time she put on her little leotard and shirt. Her innocence as she danced in the shadows and light inspired me and brought a sense of tranquility and quiet. Enjoy.




Color Me Lakeland {Red}

4 May

To read about this project, visit my personal blog.


Color Me Lakeland

Color Me Lakeland

Color Me Lakeland

Color Me Lakeland

Running Down Hill / Lakeland Family Photographer

6 Jul

Tampa Family Photographer

I love to capture the little moments.

Tampa Family Photographer

The split-second glances are what I live for.

Tampa Family Photographer

Even the instances one might not think to photograph, I delight in taking.

Tampa Family Photographer

It makes my heart happy to forever encapsulate something we would easily forget.

Tampa Family Photographer

But my favorite thing to take photos of, is families enjoying one another’s company.

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Jasmine / Lakeland Photographer

4 May

If you are wondering what this post is about, check out the original post here.  (This post actually reminds me of this little one who sported a cute flower and this post of a not-so-nice aspect of our yard.)

Jasmine is my favorite scent! I actually purchase jasmine essential oils for a ridiculously high price for a little decadence in my life.  I feel extremely decadent when I sport the $8 a ml mixed with jojoba oil.  I always thought of jasmine as a distant scent, exotic, oriental, far away from muggy Florida.  Well, boy was I delightfully mistaken!  My husband cut back some dead looking vines last year that are on all of our fences. Lucky for me, those vines have grown back in full form and are jasmine!!!! My yard is intoxicated with this enchanting smell all the time!

May 4th

God’s gift: The sweet smell of jasmine.

… and the fresh clipping in my living room.

A Hard Morning / Lakeland Photographer

3 May

I am taking a picture a day in the month of May to acknowledge the every day gifts God has given me. If you missed it, check out this post, to see why and where my inspiration came from.

This morning was not (IS not) an easy one. My 1.5 year old daughter spent hours crying from 11PM to 1AM last night. Not so fun. The worst part was, then I was all wound up and could not sleep from 1AM until 4AM. Ugh. I thought we outgrew our newborn lack of sleeping months ago! Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who can function well on little sleep. Can you buy that quality at the store somewhere? Even though I am an actress, I don’t act in real life. If I am happy, you will see a smile. If I am sad, you will see tears. And if I am cranky, well…. you don’t want to see that!!! Despite my circumstances, I know that God still gives good and perfect gifts to me (and my family) and I just need to pry my eyes open just enough to see His blessings everywhere. Now, where is that crow bar this morning…

And here is today’s picture.

May 3rd

God’s gift: His word on a hard day

… and a strong cup of coffee to go with it!

A Month of Gifts / Lakeland Photographer

2 May


A new month.

A time to reflect.

I stumbled upon this website and have been encouraged, challenged, uplifted and spurred to action!  All from a visit to a blog.  Oh, how I love blogs!!!  Anyway! The point is, I am going to take a picture every day for the month of May (and hopefully post it every couple of days. I would LOVE to think I would blog daily, but with my crazy life? Forget about it!) that captures one of God’s gifts in my life.  I was encouraged by this post and this free printable.  It says nothing about a photo, but the photos on this blog are amazing and I was inspired! And I am a photographer and think that pictures say it better then I ever could! Now my husband is an English major and he would be able to adequately express his thanksgiving for the gift’s God has given us. I, on the other hand, like to tell my stories through images.

So here it goes:

May 1st

God’s gift: pink eye free children and husband

May 2nd

God’s gift: willing eager feet, with the possibility of the future