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100th Blog Post and 1 Year Anniversary / Lakeland Photographer

20 Aug

I made it!!!!

Lakeland Photographer

On August 21st of last year, I officially began this business.   K. Barber Photography is 1 year old!   And this is my 100th blog post. What are the chances? I truly did not plan this. Promise. But isn’t it a happy coincidence? I am deeply grateful to all of my friends who were my first clients and for your love in spreading my name around. It is humbling to have strangers talk about my work with such adoration, knowing that I have a baby business under my wing. Nurturing this business has been good for my creative side as well as a chance to have some adult time without the kiddos around. This might be the longest blog post I have written, but I hope you are looking forward to it. I’ll talk about this past year, where I am headed with my business, me personally,  and of course there will be pictures of me (taken by my hubby).

There is one important thing I forgot to mention! Everything underlined is something I would LOVE your input on! I value you all and would love to know what you think, so please take the time to comment. Thanks! Now, sit back and enjoy this bloggy blog post!


Here is a summary of this past year.

-My husband bought me a rockin’ camera for my 27th b-day on the 27th of June.

-I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, so I asked my husband to design a logo.

Facebook page started, blog started, twitter started, business started all within a couple of days.

-I offered free photo shoots to build my portfolio and ended up doing 15 complimentary sessions!

-My family fell into some financial need and the Christmas rush helped us through.

-I photographed multiple weddings and loved it!

-Newborn photos also brought joy to my heart.

-In January, I felt like I could raise my prices a little to be more competitive with other photogs in the area.

-I hosted my first competition, which brought a smile to my face and new fans to the Facebook page.

-The summer came and I was ready for a break after a lot of wonderful business!

-And here we are, ready for year number two of K. Barber Photography.


So what does this next year hold? I have two destination weddings in September and October, which are both friends from my past, which will make them even more special to me. This Christmas season, I am only doing mini-sessions for 3 months.  Whew.  I will either be exhausted or exhilarated! The good news for everyone is that I don’t plan to raise my prices again in January. Aren’t you relieved? I knew that would be great news for all of you! That being said, what is your family budget for portraits? (Ours is $50-$100 a year, just in case you wondered.) Nothing is planned for the spring or summer yet, but I know that God brings business my way when my family needs it. He has been faithful by using this business to bring joy to others and financial peace to my household.

As far as where my business is headed creatively, it is really hard to say. In order to become a truly established photographer, I know I need to narrow down my subject matter. But which subject do I choose?  Newborn?  Weddings?  Family portraits?  Any ideas? Which subjects of mine do you enjoy the most?  Which subjects do you feel shows my style the best? This next year I will continue to figure out what area I really enjoy, and over the next couple of years I hope to specialize in one subject. We will see if that happens… but I am pretty goal oriented, so it probably will.

I post little snippets here and there about myself on the blog, but nothing big. Usually I do a personal post because I have some cute photos of the kids to share. In honor of my 1 year anniversary and 100th blog post, I am going to let you know about me in 100 points. And if there is anything  you would like to know about me or my business, I would be happy to post about it, so ask away!



Here we go!

1. I am a 28 year old wife of 7 years and mother to a 3 year old and 18 month old.

2. I am a Christian and I love my Jesus.

3. We eat food that is organic and cooked from scratch 90% of the time.

4. The other 10% is Taco Bell and Chick-fil-a. Hehehe.

5. I have had 2 c-sections, but hope to try for a VBAC with our third and fourth.

6. Favorite food: bacon!!! (but have given it up with our organic lifestyle)

7. I drink hot tea year round in Florida. Yes, I might be British on this point.

8. My bachelors degree is in missions (like to be a missionary) with a minor in theatre.

9. I use to act professionally, before kids. Now, I do it for fun.

10. My dream role was to be Maria in Sound of Music, and I just completed 19 sold out performances in March as her.

11. Documentary junkie, truly, I am.

12. Hello, my name is Karissa, and I am addicted to kettle chips.

13. Drinking water out of metal bottles is just cooler.

14. I try to buy locally as much as I can.

15. Looking at other photogs wedding photos makes me want to have a wedding again, just for the photos.

16. Home decor is my hobby.

17. Vintage is my style.

18. I secretly wish I could dress like a 1950’s housewife every day. Heels, pearls and all.

19. If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I would go to Kruger National Park in South Africa.

20. I lived in Germany for 3 years and wish I was older so I had the wisdom to know to enjoy it more.

21. Projects are my thing; I am always looking for a new one.

22. Every day begins with a to-do list.

23. I have started4 blogs. This is the only one I still work on.

24. Are you still there? This might take longer then I thought!

25. The hubs and I love finding obscure shows to watch on Netflix (The IT Crowd, Swamp People, Flight of the Concords).

26. As soon as I grow my hair out, I chop it short. It is a vicious cycle.

27. The day I was born on in June!

28.  My husband’s humor keeps me going and sane.

29. I never thought I would be this crunchy and granola.

30. Training for a marathon with my best friend, Karen.

31. Not just any marathon, the Disney Marathon in January.

32. Cost = $140.

33. My brother and sister-in-law work at a running store and are running experts.

34. I currently own 3 pairs of fancy running shoes and 2 ultra expensive running bras.

35. Me? I hate running.

36. I’m a little impulsive.

37. Currently reading: One Thousand Gifts and Five Star Living on a Two Star Budget.

38. In this digital age, I prefer a pen and paper.

39. Love me some sushi!

40. Snacks at night are a must.

41. On my Ipod, mostly Broadway and jazz.

42. Wish I had taken dance as a kid.

43. Favorite place I have visited: Florence, Italy.

44. I was an advocate for the Invisible Children movement in 2005.

45. I knit. Do you have any old school hobbies?

46. I own 15 cardigans.

47. There are 7 winter coats in my closet.

48. The average temperature where I live is 80.5 degrees.

49. Where do you think I should move to?

50. We have a sponsor child named Pricilla in Zimbabwe through World Vision.

51. Guilty pleasure: This Old Thing?

52. I use to be a huge scrapbooker, and plan to pick it back up this year.

53. Magazine hoarder (because I get free subscriptions!)

54. Zumba is amazing and my preferred exercise.

55. Can we say, pinterest?!?!

56. The funniest thing my son has said lately is, “Help! My butts a’ crakin!” (In reference to his shorts falling down.)

57. We plan to home school, which I NEVER thought I would do.

58. One thing I would change about my life: more travel, of course!

59. I have found a truly great friend in Sabes this last year.

60. Silly bands are truly the coolest fad, in my opinion.

61. Pixar movies are my favorite.

62. A good game of rummy reminds me of my childhood.

63. I grew up moving every couple of years.

64. Christmas feels like home.

65. Ballet flats and peep-toe shoes are my preference in footwear.

66. The movie “Beautiful Mind” was therapeutic for me.

67. It is a goal of mine to play every Julie Andrew’s part.

68. I am insecure about my body because I never lost my baby weight.

69. In middle school, I played the trumpet.

70. Favorite childhood memory: building an igloo with my Dad.

71: I look like my Mom, and love that!

72. Favorite piece of jewelery: engagement ring.

73. Fall is the thing I miss most about living up north.

74. New dream: to own chickens for the eggs.

75. We own 2 male lovebirds: Lucy and Tinkerbell. Yes. There is a story.

76. Before kids, Craig and I loved walking around town with a good cup of coffee.

78. Favorite family activity: reading books.

79. I don’t like birthday cake.

80. Favorite restaurant (besides Taco Bell): Carrabas.

81. I hear God’s voice in the sunset.

82. It is funny to my that my husband falls asleep anywhere and everywhere.

83. Favorite book: Redeeming Love

84. My hubby and I ready all 7 Harry Potter books aloud to each other in college.

85. The week of my wedding, I only ate egg salad.

86. High energy is my middle name.

87. British tv shows are amazing. Mr. Bean. Faulty Towers. Amazing.

88. Favorite Twilight Zone episode: To Serve Man

89. One thing I can not do: draw.

90. Love National Geographic photographers.

91. I want a formal library in my house with old world charm.

92. Soft serve is my favorite type of ice cream.

93. Gelati is also my favorite. Can you have two?

94. I’ve always wanted glasses.

95. I collect bags and hats.

96. When I travel, the only souvenir I have to buy is postcards.

97. Staying up late is a guilty pleasure.

98. I adore trying new food. Love the adventure!

99. Cell phone + me = illiterate

100. Even though it is work, I find great enjoyment from being a photographer.


So there you have it, folks. One hundred points all about me. Did you read them all? There were a lot! Now for some pictures of me, because this is a photog blog after all. And what is a post without some pictures?

That being said, if you did read my super long bloggy list, you might have noticed point #68. I am insecure about how I look. I think most women are, and I believe that all moms are, but that doesn’t change how I feel.  So, putting those feelings aside, I decided to let me husband take pictures of me where I am now, not where I want to be. I hope it inspires you to get out from behind the camera and capture that smile of yours. Will you do it?

Lakeland Florida Photographer

Lakeland Florida Photographer

Lakeland Florida Photographer

Lakeland Florida Photographer

Thanks for reading! And thank you for being a part of K. Barber Photography! Here is to another great year ahead!


Wedding Anniversary / Lakeland Wedding Photographer

23 Jul

Today I celebrate 7 wonderful years of marriage to my best friend! We were married here in Lakeland in the church we still attend.  It was a wonderful and an emotional day. I was only 21 years old, and it was the best decision I ever made! My husband still is my best friend and now he is a wonderful father to our two beautiful children.

In honor of this day, here are a couple of images from my wedding. The pictures were taken by my friend, Nicole Abong, who specializes in photo journalistic photography. Of course, at that time everything was film, so all of these images are SOC.

Lakeland wedding photographer

Lakeland wedding photographer

Lakeland wedding photographer

Lakeland wedding photographer

Lakeland wedding photographer

The pastor is still our pastor to this day!

Lakeland wedding photographer

Lakeland wedding photographer

Lakeland wedding photographer

Family Toy / Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

27 May

It brought such joy to my heart to see my son light up when I took my childhood doll house out of the box.  I am not tied town to American stereo-types of gender specific toys. My 2 year old son plays with dolls. My 1 year old daughter plays with trucks. Toys are toys in my house and we all explore and play with together. The world is new and fresh and exciting through the eyes of my children and oh, how I wish it could stay that way forever! Anyway. I digress.  I pulled the doll house out to put in my daughter’s room as part of the decor, but my son loved having the miniature people walk around the house and do their “every day” activities, that I let him have fun while his sister slept. Here are just a few shots I snapped as he played. Precious.

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

Tampa Lifestyle Photographer

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

Tampa Lifestyle Photographer

May Desktop / Lakeland Photographer

6 May

Thanks to this fabulous blog, I have awesome desktops every month! I totally forgot to do last months. Opps! So until today we have been looking at this desktop from March. My talented mother-in-law made their matching outfits in this picture.  So fun!

February was adorable and the January desktop made me want snow again. I was ready to pack up my bags and head up to the northern blizzards.Those of you who live up north probably think I am crazy, but I really can not stand humidity and would trade 5 months worth of humidity for 3 months of snow any day! Actually, is there a way I can do that? Any ideas?

This month’s desktop makes me smile because it has my husband and our kids after running through the sprinkler, my grandmother and my daughter, and me and my best friend from Maryland going out on the town. I love all of the people represented and I know every time I jump on the computer it will make me smile.

Jasmine / Lakeland Photographer

4 May

If you are wondering what this post is about, check out the original post here.  (This post actually reminds me of this little one who sported a cute flower and this post of a not-so-nice aspect of our yard.)

Jasmine is my favorite scent! I actually purchase jasmine essential oils for a ridiculously high price for a little decadence in my life.  I feel extremely decadent when I sport the $8 a ml mixed with jojoba oil.  I always thought of jasmine as a distant scent, exotic, oriental, far away from muggy Florida.  Well, boy was I delightfully mistaken!  My husband cut back some dead looking vines last year that are on all of our fences. Lucky for me, those vines have grown back in full form and are jasmine!!!! My yard is intoxicated with this enchanting smell all the time!

May 4th

God’s gift: The sweet smell of jasmine.

… and the fresh clipping in my living room.

A Hard Morning / Lakeland Photographer

3 May

I am taking a picture a day in the month of May to acknowledge the every day gifts God has given me. If you missed it, check out this post, to see why and where my inspiration came from.

This morning was not (IS not) an easy one. My 1.5 year old daughter spent hours crying from 11PM to 1AM last night. Not so fun. The worst part was, then I was all wound up and could not sleep from 1AM until 4AM. Ugh. I thought we outgrew our newborn lack of sleeping months ago! Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who can function well on little sleep. Can you buy that quality at the store somewhere? Even though I am an actress, I don’t act in real life. If I am happy, you will see a smile. If I am sad, you will see tears. And if I am cranky, well…. you don’t want to see that!!! Despite my circumstances, I know that God still gives good and perfect gifts to me (and my family) and I just need to pry my eyes open just enough to see His blessings everywhere. Now, where is that crow bar this morning…

And here is today’s picture.

May 3rd

God’s gift: His word on a hard day

… and a strong cup of coffee to go with it!

A Month of Gifts / Lakeland Photographer

2 May


A new month.

A time to reflect.

I stumbled upon this website and have been encouraged, challenged, uplifted and spurred to action!  All from a visit to a blog.  Oh, how I love blogs!!!  Anyway! The point is, I am going to take a picture every day for the month of May (and hopefully post it every couple of days. I would LOVE to think I would blog daily, but with my crazy life? Forget about it!) that captures one of God’s gifts in my life.  I was encouraged by this post and this free printable.  It says nothing about a photo, but the photos on this blog are amazing and I was inspired! And I am a photographer and think that pictures say it better then I ever could! Now my husband is an English major and he would be able to adequately express his thanksgiving for the gift’s God has given us. I, on the other hand, like to tell my stories through images.

So here it goes:

May 1st

God’s gift: pink eye free children and husband

May 2nd

God’s gift: willing eager feet, with the possibility of the future