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Website Launched/ Lakeland Photographer

19 Jan

I have a new website!  I chose a completely different host for my new website and I love the choice I made!  I am not a tech savvy person, by any means, so I am loving this new user friendly website interface.  I don’t have to mess with anything. Just drag and drop. That is my kind of website! And I love how it looks! I just want to stare at it all the time, which is counter productive.


Why the switch, you ask?  You all have been very good to me, my first couple of months of business.  Thank you! Something I have wanted to do is offer prints, instead of only giving a CD of my work.  I know, I know. Everyone wants to have a CD because then you can share the photos with everyone and make unlimited copies. The one thing I appose with that is, my pictures aren’t being represented well when they are printed off at just any old place. A professional print is far superior in quality and that professional image is what I am moving towards. My new website has password protected galleries and a built in shopping cart for easy online purchasing through PayPal. This feature makes it easy for my clients to view the photos at their convenience and purchase from the comfort of their homes in a a pressure-free environment. And don’t worry! All print purchases include a CD of low-resolution, watermarked images for social network sharing free of charge! You can still share all of your beautiful photos with friends and family.


The website domain has stayed the same: k-barberphotography.com


But here are pictures of the new look! Here is the front page, which can take you to my website, this blog, or my facebook page.


This is my home page.


This is my pricing page.


And here is one of my galleries. On the website, if you click on an image, it will take you to a slide show.



So, there you have it! My new website. I would love your feedback. What do you think?


The itsy-bitsy spider/ Lakeland Photographer

13 Sep

As a mother of a two-year old and an 8-month old…

… I am very familiar with the nursery rhyme set to music, “The itsy-bitsy spider.” He was a harmless little guy whose only ambition was to climb a water spot. I have no idea what was up there that compelled the spider to climb, despite perilous conditions. He overcame every obstacle in his way to get where he wanted to go.

I don’t think this spider will have the same difficulty getting what he wants.

He might not seem that big in this picture. But how about in this one?

Or this one?

Now he is getting a little bit smaller.

This guy is huge! My husband found him in our backyard. We have a privacy fence around our yard. On the back of our yard, we have a gate on our fence that leads to a little area that is extremely overgrown and wild. It is enclosed with a chain-link fence and contains an old dog cage or chicken coop (I can’t decide which) from the previous owners. We are slowly trying to reclaim this part of our yard, but after seeing that ginormous spider, I think I will allow him to rule and reign behind the gate.

Why I love this/ Lakeland Photographer

10 Aug

For those of you who know me, you know I am not much of a blogger. I have started 3 blogs and none of them have lasted. I use Facebook as a way to connect and share my day-to-day activities. Even though I am married to an English major and I LOVE literature, I am a very concise person in writing. So, here we go again. Another blog. I am determined to keep up with this one because it will showcase my photography. I am very passionate about my creative pursuits. I am an actress, but that is hard to do with a 2-year-old and a 7 month at home. I am also a scrapbooker, painter and singer. Creativity pours out of every cell of my being!

So why did I start a photography business, you ask? I’ve always taken too many pictures at every occasion because I couldn’t stop myself! I love how a camera captures those split second moments on film forever. I probably would have started this passion of mine a lot sooner, if I had a nice camera. This year I turned 27 on the 27th and my husband surprised me with my Nikon D5000!!! What a wonderful gift! And thus the business was born!

So, why do I love this? I have the opportunity to capture the special love people have for one another, a special celebration, or a rite of passage. I am blessed to be a part of those momentous and mundane details during a shoot. Maybe I enjoy it because I am an actress and really love the character study of others and being in people’s lives. I also love to have my photo taken and to capture my precious family in amazing photos. That is what I want for others. I want to give people fantastic photos that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Hello World! Lakeland Photographer

30 Jul

Welcome to my new blog! I have never used WordPress before, so bear with me as I figure out what I am doing. I will be using the blog as a way to talk about the shoots I have done and also to show a couple more photos from the shoot. I am looking forward to the shoot I have this evening, so be sure to check back to see photos from that shoot!