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And baby makes 4 {Lakeland Maternity Photographer}

16 Aug

Baby bumps are seriously miraculous. A mother expecting a child is a beautiful thing and it is a true privilege to capture this special moment in a family’s life. Anticipation. Joy. Glow.


This family just happens to be my brother, his wife and their son. You might recognize them from their last maternity shoot or even their one year anniversary photos. They are naturally photogenic and cute as a button! I might be partial, but their love for one another shines through in every image. And could my nephew be any cuter?


They have chosen not to find out the gender of the baby, which adds another layer of fun to this pregnancy. You will have to wait to find out if their little bun will be wearing pink or blue.





Baby Bump Love / Lakeland Maternity Photographer

31 Jan

The new year began with a shoot with Ben and Drew, a couple who are expecting their first in March. It was a beautiful January afternoon when we did their shoot at Circle B Bar Reserve. Both Ben and Drew are runners and they showed me along some of the paths they enjoyed using. The light was beautiful and complimented the adorable couple and their obvious love for each other and their little one-to-come.


To see more pictures of Ben and Drew, click here and here and here. Yep. I’ve photographed them a couple of times.


Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

Lakeland Maternity Photographer

New Business Cards / Lakeland Photographer

12 Apr

I have just used up my last business cards this month and am ready to go a little fancier. This what what my old business card looked like:

Lakeland Portrait Photographer


This is fine. Clean. Professional. Informational. But I want my business card to show my work. If my images are already on the card, that allows people who see them without taking the extra step of going to my website. Hopefully this will leave them wanting to see more images and they will hop right on the computer and see more!  So, here is the front of my new, improved business card:

Lakeland Wedding Photographer


And here is the back:

Lakeland Family Photographer


I still need to make some more promotional pamphlets and fliers, but this is a good start. One day I hope my business will be large enough to hire a professional to design all of my business needs. Until then, I have me and my husband. We make a pretty good design team and that makes it all worth it!

Black and White Thanksgiving Week Preview/ Lakeland Photographer

2 Dec

I had 7, count ’em, shoots Thanksgiving week. I was so tired afterward, but I think you will agree that I captured some good lookin’ families! I am in the process of editing them, but wanted to show you these images just as they are. I just changed them to black and white for some continuity. These are the families I had the privileged of capturing last week.

The baby bump/ Lakeland Maternity Photographer

24 Nov

Lee Anne is a friend I met because of our love of “real” food, slow cooking, and all things natural living. I actually went to college with her husband, John and even acted in a theatre show with him! They are only a couple of weeks away from her due date and I couldn’t be more excited! I will have the privileged of capturing their little bundle of joy when she comes. Enjoy these pics of Lee Anne’s adorable baby bump!

Weekend Sneak Peek/ Lakeland Maternity Photographer

14 Nov

I couldn’t wait to share these images from my shoots this weekend! One is from a shoot of a beautiful 7 month baby who had major surgery just one month ago. He was the most content, happy baby I have worked with so far! Amazing considering the major healing and recovery his little body has had to do over this last month. I don’t think I would be as congenial.  And the other picture is from my maternity shoot with mutual real food eating friends. I chose the picture I did because they were actually singing to their baby girl instead of simply posing for the picture. I love real moments captured in a picture! They make my heart happy.