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My love story

10 Sep

All romances begin with a meeting.

The way I met my husband is pretty childish, whimsical and completely us. I was living in Germany at the time, but visiting my high school best friend in Lakeland, Florida where she attended college. Five college guys and five college girls hung out together on a regular basis. My best friend and Craig, my huband, were both apart of that group. In true Florida fashion, a downpour created a muddy mess on campus one afternoon while I was visiting. So, what were five college guys and five college girls, plus a friend suppose to do with these circumstances? Mud fight, of course!


And that is how I met Craig: slinging mud and running all over campus in the rain. Can you see us in the picture? We are the back two on the left.

Two years after this picture I actually started attending the same college. By that time Craig and Karen, my best bud were great friends, which made it easy for all of us to hang out. We went every where together, the three of us: the library, cafeteria, walks around the lake, camping in Key West. I liked Craig, he liked me and we both confided in Karen this truth. She would “fall asleep” on our outings or “have to leave” after we all were settled into a study group together. What  a good friend!

We began dating four months after I started attending college, six months later we said, “I love you” for the first time and nine months after we were “official,” he proposed. Some say that it was fast, but for us it was perfect.

The proposal is a wonderfully romantic story, but I’ll save it for another post. Let’s just say that in true Craig fashion, he was HUGELY romantic, surprised me completely and I looked like this for my proposal.


Even though I wasn’t adorable for the proposal, it was one of the best evenings of my life. Craig had become my best friend and I knew that life with him would make the mundane amazing. I mean, we met during a mud fight. How much better could this match be? And with all my enthusiasm for a new life ahead, it was time to start planning a wedding! We were going to get married the summer after Craig graduated, giving us six months to plan.

Enter the planning scrapbook. All of the things I liked, inspired me, struck my fancy were snipped from the magazine and glued into the scrapbook. Sometimes words escape me, but an image expresses my intent perfectly.  This book helped me share my ideas with others as I planned. Now, brides-to-be create boards on Pinterest or a wedding planner might create a  “mood board” for your event. Back then I had a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Look! I was ahead of my time.


I was only *gasp* 21  when we got married, so I was still honing in on my style. My mom was willing to help plan the wedding any way she could, but there was a huge ocean between us as I planned. My magazine clippings gave me an idea of what I wanted, but I struggled to make my DIY, handmade, vintage wedding come true. There wasn’t Etsy and Pinterest back then to show you amazing artisan ideas to do on a budget. And I wanted something different than the traditional wedding that all of my college friends were doing. I was in a dilemma for making my perfect wedding plans come true, but I knew I was in love and the marriage was more important than the wedding. I knew I had that part right, so I just went with what I had.

The next step was dress shopping! The dress had to be perfect.


{Stay tuned for more of the story about my dress, the photographer I chose, our engagement pictures and the wedding!}


New Business Cards / Lakeland Photographer

12 Apr

I have just used up my last business cards this month and am ready to go a little fancier. This what what my old business card looked like:

Lakeland Portrait Photographer


This is fine. Clean. Professional. Informational. But I want my business card to show my work. If my images are already on the card, that allows people who see them without taking the extra step of going to my website. Hopefully this will leave them wanting to see more images and they will hop right on the computer and see more!  So, here is the front of my new, improved business card:

Lakeland Wedding Photographer


And here is the back:

Lakeland Family Photographer


I still need to make some more promotional pamphlets and fliers, but this is a good start. One day I hope my business will be large enough to hire a professional to design all of my business needs. Until then, I have me and my husband. We make a pretty good design team and that makes it all worth it!

Time for love/ Lakeland Couple Photographer

15 Feb

Engagement Photographer Orlando

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

To view more photos, visit my Facebook page.

Stylized Valentine’s Shoot/ Lakeland Couples Photographer

3 Feb

I have been wanting to do this for some time, so I may not be able to contain my excitement!!!


I have had the privileged of photographing several stylized shoots and am hoping to do many more. It will take some time, but I hope to sway all of you to LOVE stylized shoots! Really! That is my goal!!

A stylized or theme shoot is a portrait session that centers on a theme (horses, nautical), time period (1940’s, flappers) or season (Easter, Halloween). It can be a little overwhelming to try to come up with a stylized shoot idea and even harder to narrow down what you should prepare once you have your idea! Do not fear! I am here to help.


This week I am featuring a stylized Valentine’s shoot, since we are in the month of February. This would be a darling shoot for anniversary pictures, engagement photos, or even a maternity shoot. Below is an idea board, to help inspire and start us off on the journey of stylized shoots.


Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts. What stylized idea board would you like to see?

Photo Credits: Woman’s clothing-, Woman’s Jewelry:, Stella and Dot, Men’s clothing- Ralph Lauren, Vintage Postcards- Graphics Fairy

Jumping in Love/ Lakeland Engagement Photographer

11 Nov

The pictures say it all in this shoot! They are young, beautiful and in love. They were great sports! Justin lugged around the suitcase I had as a prop and Brittany trekked all over downtown in her very high wedges. All that work was worth it to capture these beautiful images! Enjoy!

Kissy Kissy/ Lakeland Couple Photographer

7 Nov

Over 5 years ago, my friend Chrissy asked me to take a couple of engagement photos. I had no idea what I was doing! Some of the pictures turned out O.K., but nothing more then a couple of snapshots taken with a bad film camera. Just a couple of weekends ago, Chrissy allowed me to try again! Her and her husband, Nick have been married for 5 years and it was a joy to capture their love for one another. As I was editing their Holiday Mini-Shoot, I realized that the majority of the photos were kissy pictures. I did not mean to have them kissing so much, but I think the pictures really captured their genuine love for one another. So, if you are not a mussy person, avoid this post! WARNING: Kissing ahead.

Engagement Sneak Peek/ Lakeland Engagement Photographer

4 Nov

I still have photos to edit from my Holiday Mini-Shoots, but I couldn’t help but share these beautiful photos from my latest engagement shoot. So romantic!