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My love story

10 Sep

All romances begin with a meeting.

The way I met my husband is pretty childish, whimsical and completely us. I was living in Germany at the time, but visiting my high school best friend in Lakeland, Florida where she attended college. Five college guys and five college girls hung out together on a regular basis. My best friend and Craig, my huband, were both apart of that group. In true Florida fashion, a downpour created a muddy mess on campus one afternoon while I was visiting. So, what were five college guys and five college girls, plus a friend suppose to do with these circumstances? Mud fight, of course!


And that is how I met Craig: slinging mud and running all over campus in the rain. Can you see us in the picture? We are the back two on the left.

Two years after this picture I actually started attending the same college. By that time Craig and Karen, my best bud were great friends, which made it easy for all of us to hang out. We went every where together, the three of us: the library, cafeteria, walks around the lake, camping in Key West. I liked Craig, he liked me and we both confided in Karen this truth. She would “fall asleep” on our outings or “have to leave” after we all were settled into a study group together. What  a good friend!

We began dating four months after I started attending college, six months later we said, “I love you” for the first time and nine months after we were “official,” he proposed. Some say that it was fast, but for us it was perfect.

The proposal is a wonderfully romantic story, but I’ll save it for another post. Let’s just say that in true Craig fashion, he was HUGELY romantic, surprised me completely and I looked like this for my proposal.


Even though I wasn’t adorable for the proposal, it was one of the best evenings of my life. Craig had become my best friend and I knew that life with him would make the mundane amazing. I mean, we met during a mud fight. How much better could this match be? And with all my enthusiasm for a new life ahead, it was time to start planning a wedding! We were going to get married the summer after Craig graduated, giving us six months to plan.

Enter the planning scrapbook. All of the things I liked, inspired me, struck my fancy were snipped from the magazine and glued into the scrapbook. Sometimes words escape me, but an image expresses my intent perfectly.  This book helped me share my ideas with others as I planned. Now, brides-to-be create boards on Pinterest or a wedding planner might create a  “mood board” for your event. Back then I had a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Look! I was ahead of my time.


I was only *gasp* 21  when we got married, so I was still honing in on my style. My mom was willing to help plan the wedding any way she could, but there was a huge ocean between us as I planned. My magazine clippings gave me an idea of what I wanted, but I struggled to make my DIY, handmade, vintage wedding come true. There wasn’t Etsy and Pinterest back then to show you amazing artisan ideas to do on a budget. And I wanted something different than the traditional wedding that all of my college friends were doing. I was in a dilemma for making my perfect wedding plans come true, but I knew I was in love and the marriage was more important than the wedding. I knew I had that part right, so I just went with what I had.

The next step was dress shopping! The dress had to be perfect.


{Stay tuned for more of the story about my dress, the photographer I chose, our engagement pictures and the wedding!}


And baby makes 4 {Lakeland Maternity Photographer}

16 Aug

Baby bumps are seriously miraculous. A mother expecting a child is a beautiful thing and it is a true privilege to capture this special moment in a family’s life. Anticipation. Joy. Glow.


This family just happens to be my brother, his wife and their son. You might recognize them from their last maternity shoot or even their one year anniversary photos. They are naturally photogenic and cute as a button! I might be partial, but their love for one another shines through in every image. And could my nephew be any cuter?


They have chosen not to find out the gender of the baby, which adds another layer of fun to this pregnancy. You will have to wait to find out if their little bun will be wearing pink or blue.




Tiny Ballet Dancer {Lakeland Childrens Photographer}

31 Jan

My 3 year old daughter started ballet classes. These images were captured the first time she put on her little leotard and shirt. Her innocence as she danced in the shadows and light inspired me and brought a sense of tranquility and quiet. Enjoy.



Color Me Lakeland {Red}

4 May

To read about this project, visit my personal blog.


Color Me Lakeland

Color Me Lakeland

Color Me Lakeland

Color Me Lakeland

Closing for 2012

24 Mar

K. Barber Photography is no longer accepting new clients for the rest of 2012.  New client bookings will tentatively begin again in January 2013. Thank you for your understanding and loyalty.

I wanted to explain why I am “closing up shop” for the rest of the year. There are still shoots I have booked and paid for through the end of 2012, but I will not be accepting any new client bookings and will not being doing my Holiday Mini-Shoots this fall. It was a big decision for my husband and I to make as we looked at how young my business is and my steady client base. This is a very hard choice to make, but it is what is best for my family at this time.

My husband and I are adopting a little boy and a little girl from Uganda. It looks like we will be able to fly there this summer to bring them back with us and begin our new life as a family of six. We have two homegrown kids, a three year old boy and two year old girl, already. The transition from two kids under 4 years old to four kids under four years old will be a very challenging one for us. This major life change will require all of my attention, leaving the business lonely. Instead of delivering poor service and a poor product because I am depleted as an individual, we have decided to close our doors to new clients to maintain the level of professional service you have come to expect from K. Barber Photography.

Rest assured, if you have a contract with me or a wedding booked or are completing your “First Year Collection,” I will honor my existing commitments and deliver quality photos from your session.


Thank you for your loyalty to K. Barber Photography and I look forward to serving your photography needs in 2013. In the meantime, if you would like to keep up with my life or adoption journey, feel free to visit my personal blog, The Acting Mom, by clicking here.

The Family that Plays Together / Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

7 Nov

My favorite thing to capture, especially during my Holiday Mini-Shoots, is a family being themselves and enjoying being around one another. The “R” family was a bundle of fun! With three boys under three, this family was anything but stoic and I loved it! It was fun to keep up with their energy and laughter and smiles. Here are a couple of precious pictures of the family just being together.

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

Lakeland Lifestyle Photographer

The Family that Reads Together / Lakeland Family Photographer

4 Nov

The lighting was perfect on the day I photographed at Circle B Bar Reserve a couple of Saturdays ago. Check out another session I photographer there by clicking here. The sun was warm, making everyone’s images have a glow about them. As I snapped away at each of the five families I photographed that day, I knew I was capturing each family as they really are. The genuine smiles. The genuine laughs. The authentic interactions with one another.

Lakeland Photojournalism Photographer

It was such a fun day, besides the mosquito! It was unreal the amount of bugs we encountered during those three hours.  I was covered in at least 20+ bites and I am sure my poor clients also suffered their fair share of bites as well. They were all troopers, though and worked through the swatting of swarms of nibbling insects. Next year when I photograph there, insect repellant will be a must for all.

The “L” family loves to read. Heidi is actually the Lakeland coordinator for a home school group called Classical Conversations, and I know that reading a large part of their curriculum. She brought along some adorable books as props for their family shoot. All of their family photos turned out adorably, which is easy when you have such good subject matter, but I decided to feature there images reading together as a family.

Lakeland Photojournalism Photographer

Lakeland Photojournalism Photographer

Lakeland Photojournalism Photographer

Lakeland Photojournalism Photographer

Lakeland Photojournalism Photographer