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New Business Cards / Lakeland Photographer

12 Apr

I have just used up my last business cards this month and am ready to go a little fancier. This what what my old business card looked like:

Lakeland Portrait Photographer


This is fine. Clean. Professional. Informational. But I want my business card to show my work. If my images are already on the card, that allows people who see them without taking the extra step of going to my website. Hopefully this will leave them wanting to see more images and they will hop right on the computer and see more!  So, here is the front of my new, improved business card:

Lakeland Wedding Photographer


And here is the back:

Lakeland Family Photographer


I still need to make some more promotional pamphlets and fliers, but this is a good start. One day I hope my business will be large enough to hire a professional to design all of my business needs. Until then, I have me and my husband. We make a pretty good design team and that makes it all worth it!


A spring afternoon / Lakeland Children Photographer

6 Apr

As a photographer, I take pictures all the time. Believe or not, I actually take a lot of pictures of my own family as well! You wouldn’t be able to tell lately, because I haven’t been editing or posting pictures of my family in months. Months, I tell you!!! My personal Facebook page is very neglected of family pictures. Poor Facebook page! I decided that would change today! I actually decided to change a lot of things today, but that is a totally different topic all together!


I spent this afternoon outside with my two beautiful children and I brought my camera with me. I snapped as we played and thought I would share  some photos from our time outside. Aren’t they super cute? I’m a little partial, but they really are my best looking subjects (beside my husband, of course!).


Tampa Childrens Photographer

Tampa Childrens Photographer

Tampa Childrens Photographer

Tampa Childrens Photographer

Baby Gators Fan/ Lakeland Newborn Photographer

16 Feb

Dressing a baby can be challenging, and this shoot was no exception.  Even with these challenges, we snagged these cute shots as little “G” was being put into a little Florida Gators  outfit and helmet. The outfit didn’t work, but we had a lot of laughs as we snapped away. Enjoy!

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Citrus Baby/ Lakeland Newborn Photographer

5 Feb

Here is a sneak peek of a fun session I had last Sunday afternoon with a precious baby boy. Only a little over a week, he was so agreeable! I photographed his parents when he was just a “bump” and those pictures can be seen by clicking here.  More pictures of this fun shoot to come!

Fellow Photog Friend/ Lakeland Photographer

20 Jan

A friend and I swapped Christmas pictures with each other. As a photographer, you don’t have your photo taken very often. Here is the problem with that: I LOVE to have my picture taken! Love, love LOVE IT!!!! So, I was super excited to hang out with my friends while snapping pictures of each other’s families. Unfortunately, it was like 40 degrees. Yep. In sunny Florida. It was crazy cold and everyone was pretty cranky at the end. I owe Nate and his family another family shoot because the cold got the best of his kids.

Here are the amazing pictures my friend Nate Mundell of Nate Mundell Photography took of our family:

And here are 2 that I took of their family:

Sweet baby girl/ Lakeland Newborn Photographer

4 Dec

These are dear friends of mine and my husband’s and they just had their second child: a baby girl! They currently live up north, so we weren’t able to capture their little bundle of joy sooner, but I think these “newborn” photos turned out great. Thanks, “P” Family, for allowing me to capture your 6 week old daughter! To view the rest of the family’s portraits, head over to my Facebook page:!/album.php?aid=43870&id=135542346473437.

Black and White Thanksgiving Week Preview/ Lakeland Photographer

2 Dec

I had 7, count ’em, shoots Thanksgiving week. I was so tired afterward, but I think you will agree that I captured some good lookin’ families! I am in the process of editing them, but wanted to show you these images just as they are. I just changed them to black and white for some continuity. These are the families I had the privileged of capturing last week.