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And baby makes 4 {Lakeland Maternity Photographer}

16 Aug

Baby bumps are seriously miraculous. A mother expecting a child is a beautiful thing and it is a true privilege to capture this special moment in a family’s life. Anticipation. Joy. Glow.


This family just happens to be my brother, his wife and their son. You might recognize them from their last maternity shoot or even their one year anniversary photos. They are naturally photogenic and cute as a button! I might be partial, but their love for one another shines through in every image. And could my nephew be any cuter?


They have chosen not to find out the gender of the baby, which adds another layer of fun to this pregnancy. You will have to wait to find out if their little bun will be wearing pink or blue.





Fall is here / Lakeland Children Photographer

6 Nov

In celebration of the end of daylight savings time, here is an adorable shot of the celebration of fall from my Holiday Mini-Shoots. Enjoy this fall weather, fellow Floridians!

Lakeland Childrens Photographer

Sleepy Baby / Lakeland Newborn Photographer

23 Aug

You might recognize this sleeping guy from this post. As I was working on the proofs  from this shoot for his parents, I just fell in love with these images. There is something indescribably peaceful about a baby sound asleep. The way their breath slows and the world seems to slow with it, makes they type of shoots very precious. We all need to take a cue from this precious newborn and find some still, quiet time in our day.  As you take a deep breath of relaxation, I hope these images add a little serenity to your day.

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

A House Divided / Auburndale Newborn Photographer

7 Aug

For all of you Noles and Gators fans out there, this newborn shoot began with a rivalry.  The dad of little “B” was a Gators fan through and through; his mom on the other hand favored the Nole.  Which do you choose as a newborn?  You don’t want to upset the woman who carried you for 9 months and you don’t want to betray the man who will teach you to throw a football one day. Two week old little “B” had a tough decision to make as we began his newborn shoot this afternoon. After much thought and deliberation, he decided to represent both the Gators and the Noles equally. I applaud his wisdom at such an early age!  Regardless of their sport’s allegiances, little “B” is lucky to have two fantastic parents who love him!

Here is a sneak peek from our session this afternoon. Enjoy!

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

2 week old “B” / Lakeland Newborn Photographer

5 Aug

I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while! My husband is a teacher, so we enjoy the summers with travel and lots of family fun. This summer we have focused on house projects and purging. We aren’t finished yet, but I am optimistic about completing the task! I hope you and your family are enjoying your summer. I’d love to hear about your adventures! Please leave a comment and let me know what you have been up to.


Now, it is time to talk photography! That is the real reason why you are here, right? This afternoon I had the privilege of  photographing a precious little girl.  I just love newborn sessions! You never know what kind if adventures you will encounter: pooping, crying, smiles and frowns. It really just might be my favorite type of session, because there is nothing sweeter then holding a little bundle in your arms and then capturing all the sweetness with a click on the camera. They are just precious, and there are no if, ands or buts about it! I wanted to share a couple of images as a sneak peek to the session. Enjoy!


Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Lakeland Newborn Photographer

Griffin’s Faces / Lakeland Baby Photographer

6 Jun

I had the privileged of photographing this little guy when he was just a baby bump and when he was just a couple of weeks old. Now little Griffin is 6 months old and I didn’t even recognize him! He was, by far, the most congenial baby I have ever photographed. All smiles for the 40 minutes we photographed him AND it was even his nap time during the shoot! And it is Florida in June, so the heat and the humidity were enough to melt metal and he still smiled and smiled. Who wants a baby like that? Raise your hand. You know you do! I have many pictures to share, but thought I would start with this series of pictures showcasing the adorable faces little Griffin made. Thank you, “S” Family for allowing me to document little Griffin’s growth!

Lakeland Baby Photographer

Lakeland Baby Photographer

Lakeland Baby Photographer

Lakeland Baby Photographer

A Month of Gifts / Lakeland Photographer

2 May


A new month.

A time to reflect.

I stumbled upon this website and have been encouraged, challenged, uplifted and spurred to action!  All from a visit to a blog.  Oh, how I love blogs!!!  Anyway! The point is, I am going to take a picture every day for the month of May (and hopefully post it every couple of days. I would LOVE to think I would blog daily, but with my crazy life? Forget about it!) that captures one of God’s gifts in my life.  I was encouraged by this post and this free printable.  It says nothing about a photo, but the photos on this blog are amazing and I was inspired! And I am a photographer and think that pictures say it better then I ever could! Now my husband is an English major and he would be able to adequately express his thanksgiving for the gift’s God has given us. I, on the other hand, like to tell my stories through images.

So here it goes:

May 1st

God’s gift: pink eye free children and husband

May 2nd

God’s gift: willing eager feet, with the possibility of the future