The Middle Child / Lakeland Family Photographer

4 Nov

Aaahhh. The middle child. Often the child who happens to be born in the middle of the family is the most amiable, the peace-maker, and the one often left out. Not in the “L” family! Their middle child makes himself known! I photographed the family in January of last year before their youngest was born and we snapped this cute picture, completely unplanned and un-posed.

Lakeland Family Photographer

And now, nine months later, this little guy is no different. He made his presence known again as we photographed his family during their Holiday Mini-Shoot at Circle B Bar Reserve. Without prompting, he walked away from the family and sat by me, ready to have his photo taken. This guy knows how to not be forgotten among his siblings! And it makes for a cute repeat photo for the family.

Lakeland Family Photographer

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