May Desktop / Lakeland Photographer

6 May

Thanks to this fabulous blog, I have awesome desktops every month! I totally forgot to do last months. Opps! So until today we have been looking at this desktop from March. My talented mother-in-law made their matching outfits in this picture.  So fun!

February was adorable and the January desktop made me want snow again. I was ready to pack up my bags and head up to the northern blizzards.Those of you who live up north probably think I am crazy, but I really can not stand humidity and would trade 5 months worth of humidity for 3 months of snow any day! Actually, is there a way I can do that? Any ideas?

This month’s desktop makes me smile because it has my husband and our kids after running through the sprinkler, my grandmother and my daughter, and me and my best friend from Maryland going out on the town. I love all of the people represented and I know every time I jump on the computer it will make me smile.

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