A Hard Morning / Lakeland Photographer

3 May

I am taking a picture a day in the month of May to acknowledge the every day gifts God has given me. If you missed it, check out this post, to see why and where my inspiration came from.

This morning was not (IS not) an easy one. My 1.5 year old daughter spent hours crying from 11PM to 1AM last night. Not so fun. The worst part was, then I was all wound up and could not sleep from 1AM until 4AM. Ugh. I thought we outgrew our newborn lack of sleeping months ago! Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who can function well on little sleep. Can you buy that quality at the store somewhere? Even though I am an actress, I don’t act in real life. If I am happy, you will see a smile. If I am sad, you will see tears. And if I am cranky, well…. you don’t want to see that!!! Despite my circumstances, I know that God still gives good and perfect gifts to me (and my family) and I just need to pry my eyes open just enough to see His blessings everywhere. Now, where is that crow bar this morning…

And here is today’s picture.

May 3rd

God’s gift: His word on a hard day

… and a strong cup of coffee to go with it!

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