Facebook can’t have all the fun!/ Lakeland Wedding Photographer

14 Jan

I have posted almost 30 pictures on Facebook from my last wedding and realized that my blog has not seen one! Today is the day to change that! For those of you who missed the pictures from Josh & Sarah’s wedding, here is a link the Facebook album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=48986&id=135542346473437

The rain could not stop us from taking some exquisite pictures of this couple! Sarah had originally planned for us to go to Hollis Gardens and do a shoot of just her and Josh for an hour before the wedding. The weather did not cooperate, so we decided to take their portraits in the church. It was precious to see their first glances at each other. I felt very privileged to be their taking pictures during those intimate moments. I just love me job!

I am sure you are ready to see these pictures! Enjoy!


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  1. Joy January 14, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Love the one of the sanctuary. The exposure makes it look magical.

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