Missed me?/ Lakeland Family Photographer

4 Jan

My poor, neglected blog! I have not payed any attention to you in almost a month! I am so sorry, little blog! Thank you for your patience. I promise to not allow such a length of time to pass again until next year. December might be a rough month for you every year, so you might want to get a pen pal…

Yes, that was completely silly, so thanks for hanging in their! I have SO many photos to share with you!!! I am going to start with a sad story, though. I had a shoot with this cute family of 3. We had a fabulous shoot with an antique sled and a giant lollipop. Then something tragic happened and ALL of their photos were lost. You read that correctly. ALL of their photos were gone in one fail swoop. I was mortified and devastated. This family took it is stride and were extremely gracious, so we set up a mini-shoot that lasted 15 minutes. Yep. You read that correctly! It was freezing and they knew just what shots they wanted for their Christmas card. These are the beautiful photos from that shoot. Thank you “M” family for your understanding and your loyalty!

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