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8 Sep

I watched “The Time Traveler’s Wife” last night, and this morning, I feel mushy. Even though I was unimpressed with Eric Bana in all aspects of the film, Rachel McAdams was charming and made me weep. I am not endorsing that anyone should watch the movie, but I wanted to share the reason I am writing this blog post today.

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Craig for over 6 years. We met through my best friend, Karen when I came to visit her at college from Germany. Two years later, when I attended college there myself, Craig and I became best friends and our romance blossomed. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to share from our dating years at this time, because I don’t have any scanned into the computer yet. Sorry!

The romance progressed when he asked me to marry him on February 1st, 2004 on the lake front dock where we had our first date. Here is a picture we took six years after the proposal. You have to strain to see the dock in the background, but it is special to me.

We were married in a small, wonderful wedding with close family and friends present. We did everything ourselves and I even hired my roommate to take our pictures. She had an eye and a passion for photojournalism. She told me to hire a portrait photographer in addition to herself, and looking back, I wish I had listened to her. Her candid photos are beautiful, but we don’t really have any portraits to display. Here is one she took of us at the altar and to this day, I LOVE my dress (and of course, the man I married)!

These photos were taken by good friends of ours who are now missionaries in China!

What comes after the wedding? The honeymoon! We had a great time in Cancun, Mexico. Unfortunately, our film was ruined while developing. What is it with me and pictures?!?! I have all the bad luck!

Five years later, we finally had amazing pictures taken for our anniversary by my friend and fellow photographer, Emily Magdics of Emily Rose Portraits. I still haven’t had any developed, but I am proud to display the gorgeous photographs she took of us. I just need to get them to the print shop. Finally! Beautiful pictures of the two of us together!


So that is the man I am in love with after 7 years together.

I hope you enjoyed this very small glimpse into our romance. He is so good-looking, I will probably need to do a post of just him soon!


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  1. Lindy September 11, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    I remember when you, Craig, your brother and a friend of yours stopped by my house to visit with Emily on your way somewhere… I’m not sure if you and Craig were even engaged yet but I remember thinking what a cute couple you two were. Perfectly matched. Remember the limes? I think you all made limeade or something quite unordinary. I mean…who goes to someone’s house as a guest and makes limeade? You all seemed to have a good time though!

    I think your bad luck with pictures has ended! It’s so exciting to watch yours and Emily’s businesses grow. Both of you are so talented and you each have a style all your own.

    Yes, your honey is good looking but his wife is good looking too…which is why you two have such good looking kids!

    Look forward to seeing more posts and pictures!

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